ZipSeam 3.0 3-Pack


3 Sets of the ZipSeam to keep you looking sharp…. about half of the days out of the week

Don’t show up to work with that baggy shirt that makes you look like an air balloon.

Tailor them in minutes with the ZipSeam and impress everyone at the office (or at least fit in)


Perfect for that weekend getaway where you need to dress to impress. Whether you are going to a friend’s wedding, or just visiting the local rooftop bar, the 3 pack will keep you looking like a dime.

An ill fitting shirt makes you look awkward, unprofessional, and makes people think  you do not care about yourself.
With good tailoring, you will look more

  • Energetic
  • Successful
  • Confident

As they always say, fake it till you make it, after all, we DO judge books by their covers.

3 Sets of the ZipSeam include:
6X Outer Seams
6X Inner Cords
1X Instruction Card

Washer and Dryer Safe (On the gentle cycle)
18 Inches in length to accommodate all heights


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