"Got mine in the mail yesterday. Did the on/off test with my wife and she wanted to know what I had done to get my shirt to finally fit right. It does take a few minutes to get it position, aligned, and installed, but the results are fantastic! Thanks a lot!"

"I received mine this morning, within a few minutes I was able to bring in approximately 4.5 inches worth of material on a shirt I bought at Goodwill. I struggle to find shirts that fit well due to my wide shoulders and neck, but smaller waist. This product is brilliant. I priced the same shirt at a tailor last week, it stared at 20 dollar per shirt. You sir have literally saved me hundreds. Now I can find shirts that fit well at the neck and shoulders, and just bring in the rest with the ZipSeam."
Derrick Orozco

"Got mine just recently. Really surprised how well they work! Instructions could have been a little more clear, but after watching a couple YouTube videos, got it set up rather quickly. Very happy with this!"
Jeremy Sterling

"Got these in the UK a couple days ago, takes a bit to get them arrnaged just right but they do work a treat, thanks!"
Mel Smith

"My ZipSeams arrived! They're simple to install, although I think it's going to take some practice getting them right."
Stuart Feltham

"Got mine last week and finally installed them in some of my dress shirts that I wear while bartending... started out great but maybe an hour into my shift they were coming out. Long story short I don't think these will work that great if you will be moving around a decent amount. For the office job this will work great though."
Christopher Downes

"I received my triple pack today and instantly I put them to good use. After about five minutes of trial and error I can happily report these things work a treat. My Army uniforms have never fit me better. Thank you for such a simple yet effective product."
John Roberts

"Received my 3-pack today. They definitely work, but it is going to take a bit of trial and error for a shirt to have a proper fit. I think it will get easier with practice. Thanks!"
S. Bryson

"I've tried mine twice! One for a work day, and the other for a family photo shoot! My advice, always attach the top under the armpit seam, but not too close because with the movement, you will feel it all the time in your armpit, I've trimmed one pair in order to have the bottom just below my belt, otherwise I was always feeling it when walking. You get used to the feeling of having it!"
Luis Nicho

"Just got the chance to try these out and they work pretty well! For fellow consumers: it should be noted the seam is less prominent if you place the larger portion on the button-side of the shirt. The seam is facing a bit more toward the back instead of the front."
Matthew Yang