About us

The birth of the ZipSeam.

The Idea
After graduating from college, I realized what a poor dresser I was. The colors clashed, the fit was terrible, and a hoodie simply couldn't cut it in the workplace. Unfortunately, off-the-rack shirts would either fit me at the neck and balloon out in the body, or fit my body and choke me to death. I thought, cue groan, there must be a better way. 

I made a few prototypes with wood, and as you can imagine, it was simply too stiff to wear all day. So I put the idea on the back burner to let it simmer. One day while driving, I thought of a C-shaped design that just might work. Armed with the idea, I hit up Home Depot and bought a variety of plastic tubes and locked myself in my parents' basement. 

The Launch
I tested a variety of prototypes and finally settled on one design. Having no idea where to go next, I thought, "why not Kickstarter?". I enlisted the help of my friend and shot a quick video and launched without much fanfare, hoping to raise $2500. To my surprise, the Kickstarter raised that amount in under 3 days! And it kept going, raising almost $60,000 over the course of 45 days.

The Relaunch
Finally near the end of 2015, I revisited the comments from customers and redesigned the ZipSeam accordingly. While largely similar, ZipSeam 2.0 is much more flexible, has a smaller profile, and I've had to check multiple times to see if it was still intact while wearing it. Taking it back to the birthplace, the ZipSeam 2.0 launched on Kickstarter and was funded in 3 days. 

ZipSeam 3.0
Unfortunately the 2.0 sacrifice strength for comfort and would fall apart after some major movement. Thus the 3.0 was born. The ZipSeam 3.0 combines the holding strength of the first version (15+ lbs) and the flexibility and lightness (under 1 oz) of the second version. 

Using a pull and lock system, the ZipSeam is easier to install than ever before. You can lock your fit into place by simply pulling the cord into the C shaped locking channel. 

 Since its birth, the ZipSeam has been featured in the following: