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  • ZipClips x 6

    ZipClips x 6

    These little things will add additional holding strength to the ZipSeam. The ZipSeam comes with 4 clips but I know through experience how easy it is to lose small things. Something something about the small things in life.

    $0.90 $1.00 On Sale
  • ZipSeam 2.0 1-Pack

    ZipSeam 2.0 1-Pack

    1 set of the ZipSeam, good for rescuing your favorite shirt that may just be a little too big or reusing on your whole wardrobe With the traditional small, medium, and large, even with slim fit, it's hard to find a shirt that fits you perfectly. A baggy shirt can make you look sloppy, lethargic, and sometime like a hot air balloon. Going to a tailor can cost an arm and a leg, and sewing it yourself can take hours, and may even result in tetanus if not careful.  With the ZipSeam, you can tailor your baggy shirt in 2 minutes*. *After practice Bundle includes: 2 Outer seams 2 Inner seams 4 E...

  • ZipSeam 2.0 3-pack

    ZipSeam 2.0 3-pack

    3 sets of the ZipSeam, perfect for your weekend escapades or sprucing up a few veteran work shirts Who has money to take every baggy shirt to the tailor? A shirt fitting can cost anywhere from $15 to $25 and altering your wardrobe can put a healthy dent on your finances. With the ZipSeam 3-pack, you can semi permanently tailor 3 of your favorite shirts, or reuse them on any other piece of clothing.  Bundle includes: 6 Outer seams 6 Inner seams 12 End clips 

  • ZipSeam 3.0 1-Pack

    ZipSeam 3.0 1-Pack

    Fresh off the press, order your ZipSeam 3.0 to tailor that one shirt that desperately needs rescuing. Includes: 2x outer seams 2x inner locking cord1x instructional card

    $6.99 $10.00 On Sale
  • ZipSeam 3.0 3-Pack

    ZipSeam 3.0 3-Pack

    Fresh off the press, order your 3 pack of the ZipSeam 3.0 to rescue a portion of your wardrobe. You can use it to tailor the sides, create darts in the back, slim down your baggy sleeves, the possibilities are endless.  Includes: 6x outer seams 6x inner locking cord1x instructional card

    $17.99 $25.00 On Sale