How to Properly Tuck in Your Shirt and Keep it Tucked

So you finally found a slew of dress shirts you love wearing to work, it looks great in the morning, but as the day goes on, you notice the shirt slowly creeping out of your pants. You adjust it time and again, only to have it unravel faster and faster. How do you properly tuck in your shirt?

Surely there must be a solution?!

There is an age old trick called the Military Tuck. You basically fold the excess material on the sides of your shirt and tuck that into your pants under the belt. The little bit of extra thickness of material should theoretically increase the holding power of your belt.

However, this trick is pretty antiquated and since the thickness difference is only a fold of fabric, it will unravel much like your original tuck.

Enter the ZipSeam. Not only can you use the ZipSeam to tailor and slim down your baggy shirts, you can use it to mechanically enforce the military tuck.
First, determine how far down you want to tuck in your shirt. Then place a few segments (in my case 3) of the ZipSeam below that imaginary tuck line.

Next, apply the ZipSeam as you would when making a new seam and lock it into place.

Have your own way of using the ZipSeam? Post it in the comments below and win more ZipSeams!

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